Quantum Spiral Healing and Therapy

Quantum Spiral Therapy

The term Quantum Spiral is used to describe the nature of this subtle energy work and its limitless potential to influence change at multiple levels of one’s being.

This is a holistic approach to healing and personal empowerment towards greater sovereignty and freedom. Jason is both a therapist and an energy worker who has various talents in deeply connecting individuals to their innate gifts and abilities.

  • Overcome self-imposed limitation
  • Step more fully into your power
  • Create greater sovereignty and freedom in your life
  • Gain insight and overcome patterns, traumas, and aspects of shadow that may be hindering your full potential and interactions with others.
  • Gain confirmation and greater context on current inner knowing, subtle energy experiences.
  • Activation of gifts and abilities.
  • Assisting in clearing of personal and environmental energies. Such as blockages and stuck energy, with sharing of tools for empowering one in their ability to maintain harmony and self-sourced connection.

Jason specializes in the multidimensional aspects associated with: addictions, anger, shadow, violence, abuse, victimization, depression, anxiety, fear, pain, disease patterns, energetic sensitivities and developmental trauma.

Sessions are open and flexible to those of all religions, cultures, belief systems, and ages including children.

All matter is energy
Everything manifested first starts as energy with multiple levels of manifestation before reaching the 3 dimensional physical level. Some of these levels have been referred to as: The Tree of Life (12 Tree Grid), Axaitonal lines, Chakras, Meridians, Morphogenetic fields, and DNA. There are also various energy bodies such as, the Instinctual body, Mental body, and Emotional body. Massive levels of consciousness such as the Soul, Oversoul/Monad, and Avatar/Higher Self are also included with strength of connection varying based on one’s work.

Energy at the quantum level is much more pliable through consciousness interaction. By first working at this level then anchoring it with conscious intentions supported by physical actions, emotional heart connection and neutral witnessing, current obstacles and blockages can be released. Energy fields can be cleared and stronger connection to one’s own sovereign power is embodied.

Each Quantum Spiral Healing Session includes:

Clearings and Connections– Assist in the clearing of any stuck or imposed energy allowing for more clear communication with various multidimensional aspects of Self (increasing communication with these parts and connection to Higher Self/Avatar Self). This is an ongoing personal process which increases one’s sovereign power and DNA/frequency enhancement.


The therapy is a combination of both working at the subtle energetic levels and reconditioning of various patterns and behavior through support in one’s everyday now moment conscious presence. Therapy is designed to maintain the work done until such time as it is fully grounded as a new reality in the client’s life.

This type of therapy can be focused in various areas of one’s life such as:

  • Health and wellness
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Autoimmune issues
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Motivation
  • Emotional regulation
  • Psychic shielding and protection techniques
  • Creation
  • Peak performance

All work can be done remotely. Therapy can be by phone or in person.


-Jason is not a doctor or licensed mental health professional.
-Each individual is responsible for their own healing and that Jason is merely helping assist in that goal.

Jason’s Personal Disclaimer
I do not claim to be in total self-mastery, a guru, or any better than anyone else. We all have amazing abilities when we are present and connected to our higher self. My role is one of assisting others, many whom like me are very empathic and have strong sensitivities to subtle energy.

guardian shield

“Wings of Fire” one of the Guardian Shields by Karen Ravenhawk

More about Jason
I am both an Indigo and Starseed. Very simply put, as an indigo I have a very sensitive nervous system to subtle energy and as a Starseeded Being I have a deep awareness of various multidimensional patterns and inner knowing of harmonious possibilities for the planet and its inhabitants. I can feel and sense beyond frequency fences and energetic blockages, hold healing/connection codes that can be shared with others, and can assist others in reclaiming their sovereign power.

I am also a polarity integrator. Polarity integrators balance the extremes of the energies both within and around their environments. This has played out in some extreme experiences in my life which allows me to relate to others on many levels from direct experience. I also have an awareness of other lives revealing the games that have played out on this planet for thousands of lifetimes and what is experienced between these lives.


I have studied various spiritual teachings such as the Kabbalah, Tarot, Ascension Mechanics, Quantum Physics and hold a bachelor’s degree in psychology. I have trained in various martial arts such as Wing Chung, Kung fu, Aikido, Tai Chi, Qigong and can assist in various techniques for increasing health physically, mentally, and nutritionally.

Energetic work can be done remotely. The nature of this can be described through quantum physics terms such as entrainment and nonlocality. Through conscious intention and focus, entrainment is created. Entrainment with another’s energy field creates the connection allowing for the work to be done from any distance at that exact moment. This connection is what Einstein called spooky action at a distance because change moved faster than the speed of light. (In even easier terms. It is the interconnectedness between all things.)