Indigo? Starseed?

What is a Starseed? What is an Indigo? How can someone be both? What are some of the other terms that have been used to describe people who can seem very different from others in how they navigate reality here on this planet?

Essentially, we are all from the stars and most of us have parts of self existing in the future and past simultaneously due to the nature of time being non-linear (it is only perceived otherwise from our ego station of identification). The strength of connection to those other parts through subtle inner impressions and feeling could be considered the main descriptor of these types of beings.

An Indigo is a being that came to this planet through a 6 dimensional (6D) gateway or a 6D being incarnated on the earth. A simple way to describe dimensions is to relate them to time. 6D is like saying from the future. After all time is a construct and very subjective once incarnated especially at lower densities like 3D (this current point of reference in time).

Many suggest we are in a 15 dimension time matrix. This can get rather confusing and I am sure I will probably leave something out so I will not elaborate too much on specific dimensional aspects.

With that being said, the 6th dimension is related to the 6th Chakra which is found in the center of the head or what is called the third eye. It is associated with the pineal gland and intuition. Modern science is starting to grasp the extreme importance of this area of the brain and the pineal gland in particular. Much of this is related to the identification of N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) which has been shown to cause altered states of consciousness. Many of the components needed to create DMT are found in the pineal gland.

When DMT levels increase in the body it allows for connection to higher intelligence, psychic impressions, and creative visualizations. Basically, it plays a role in piercing the veil of dense material reality (3D). It is preferable when this is accomplished through one’s own daily spiritual practices rather than external substances or gurus as there are dangers and hidden manipulation that can take place without a strong foundation or center. (There are always exceptions so personal discernment and one’s own inner guidance is important).

The Pineal gland has been called the seat of the soul. The color of the 6th chakra is indigo which is how these beings have been identified.

An Indigo, as I mentioned earlier, can be described as coming from the future. They know and deeply feel what is going on inside of them and the planet they live on. Some can be very extroverted and still maintain this inner state of awareness. They typically have tremendous amounts of energy and an ability to accomplish things quickly. Although, if undisciplined they can often lack control over their multidimensional focus appearing scattered and restless, especially when the specific topic or task is not of much interest to them.

Indigos have expanded perceptions of various realities and can see things from many different angles. This is why they are often referred to as system busters. They see what does not work and rebel against it quite passionately.

Indigos deeply know and feel things that are difficult to explain with words. They can often be angry and extremely frustrated by the lack of understanding of those around them regarding things that they see as being totally obvious.

Many have a finely tuned nervous system allowing them to sense and feel subtle energetic influences. This too can be a blessing and a curse depending on how difficult their environment is and their experiences from childhood. Trauma seems to increase sensitivity and over guarding leading to a tendency to drink in order to calm or dull the sympathetic nervous system.

Indigos are often diagnosed as ADHD, OCD, Bipolar, Dyslexic… These are all labels given to people who have difficulty controlling their natural abilities and incredible creative potential. It must be remembered that all humans can show these symptoms involving difficulties with control, but it is the degree and amount of discomfort that often separates them. These symptoms can also be associated physically with changes in the brain. There seems to be a lot going on in the frontal lobe which is where cognitive executive control is believed to be physically represented in the brain.

With Indigos, these issues seem to be more pronounced when they are in systems that are based on linear type thinking such as most school systems. Much of the difficulty is simply working to control their spiral type minds that are much more appropriate and efficient for the work they are here to do. The difficulty is navigating systems which do not allow for this powerful form of intelligence. Ideally they leave those systems, restructure them or learn to use slower more restrictive linear processing when absolutely necessary.

Not all people who have these types of challenges are Indigos. Nothing I write about here should be generalized.

There are different ways to label an Indigo based on what have been referred to as contracts. These describe what an Indigo’s work or area of specialty revolves around. This is felt and known by each individual. The specifics of how that looks being as different as each person.

Many Indigos have multiple contracts that may change based on need due to timeline influences.Planetary timelines can change based on what the collective majority of humans chose as their reality. This is why mainstream media can be so dangerous to the unawake. Luckily, those awake to their own higher consciousness and power hold a larger yield of energetic influence over reality.

Some examples of the type of work an Indigo may do are: polarity integration, grid work, templating, and rehabilitation. Since all humans are multidimensional creator beings, much of this work can be done without conscious awareness playing out both physically (3D) and energetically.

It is always more powerful when we are awake and aware, holding a calm and present center of witnessing, but even then it is difficult to know what is being done on every level, surrender to specific outcomes is often needed as is true in any pursuit.

Polarity Integrator

Polarity integration is simply finding balance, balance between extremes. Depending on the contract this can be very difficult, especially without context. The individual may often feel torn between worlds.

Polarity integration can take many forms. For me it is balancing the genetic traits from my paternal and maternal lineages which seem to conflict each other very strongly. It is participating with what shows up in my life, bringing in a different energy and awareness that may have been lacking. It is also maintaining control over strong impulses and powerful thoughts originating inside and the direct result of the energy in the environment.

Polarity integrators often find themselves in dense heavy situations and from an outside perspective they may be harshly judged by others for this. They are there to bring balance to those environments, a particular system, or a group. By actively participating they are able to know what it will take to do this, thereby assisting others on many levels. This is often done energetically by just being there. Sometimes they may become lost for a while but generally find their way back to their center.

They often come across as a contradiction to what is commonly seen. They break stereotypes and can rattle people right to their core.

This group tends to do a lot of energy clearings like the grid workers. They move stuff out that is stuck or very disruptive. This can be residual accumulated energy from various events and interactions or stronger consciousness energy that may be lost, confused or confined.

Grid worker

Grid work is basically being a strong energetic presence, and/or freeing up the flow of energy in a specific area of the planet. Those who do grid work are like acupuncture needles that increase the planetary flow of energies (like planetary ley lines but it goes much further).

They are not always aware of the specifics of what is being done. It is not even necessarily a need to participate much with the area and people directly, the work is done just by physically being there. When they are more adept they can do this remotely by focusing a certain flavor of energy to specific areas. They may find themselves moving around a lot without really knowing why.


Templating is like creating a body that can hold higher levels of frequency. Many do this kind of work but a templator will often be assisting in clearing the DNA of the entire human species from certain miasms, viruses, genetic manipulation, etc.

I have not experienced too much of this personally. People I know who have often described it as being very difficult and painful. Often, there isn’t much understanding of why an illness shows up and how it just mysteriously disappears. A great deal of faith and surrender is needed. Nonjudgmental self-care is also important so as not to fall into victim patterns or get sucked into an allopathy medical system.


This one is difficult to explain. Simply put it is helping teach humility, patience, and surrender to a part of self that can be very angry, aggressive and destructive. It is like the Mr. Hyde lurking deep inside. Everyone has a dark side or a shadow but this is something different.

Those with this type of contract must cultivate tremendous will power and self-control to accomplish their task. Those with this type of work typically do a lot of polarity integration. They can’t help but balance polarity when there are seemingly random impulses to be extremely destructive or to cause self-harm.

Many doing this kind of work will know what this part is and can watch it. This is very confusing at first and there can be a lot of guilt over these thoughts, but eventually comes the realization that this destructive part is not coming from who they truly are.


The biggest difference between a Starseed and an indigo is their dimensional level of consciousness. Starseeds are typically working at very high levels like in the 12th dimension. This doesn’t mean Indigos and other humans cannot activate/connect to this high level. It is possible through self-work and cultivating direct inner God Source awareness. This type of work activates DNA.

I feel it is important to point out that higher dimensions does not indicate being further evolved or as having a higher value. Sure it can be advantageous to be able to connect to those parts of self-existing in the future but there are also plenty of higher dimensional beings both incarnate and disincarnate here on earth that are not very pleasant or are serving their own selfish agendas. These have been called twilight masters or their controllers referred to as Luciferians which are basically false light beings.

Starseeds have lived on other planets at various times and remember what that was like. They are not necessarily able to describe any specifics but they have a knowing of various technologies and consciousness that they bring here.

These consciousness technologies may have existed on this planet long ago but they have been forgotten or hidden for whatever reason. (There is much info out there about the altering of DNA on this planet and the intentional manipulation of the planetary morphogenetic fields.)

Starseeds seem to incarnate with higher consciousness levels active (DNA) but it may take half a lifetime to know what this means. It can be very confusing living here without context for these beings. They do not understand why things are done the way they are or why people treat each other so badly.

They often have very bizarre experiences even beyond what those with extra sensory perception may experience. Much of this is related to their awareness/connection to higher dimensions existing simultaneously within the same space and their strong connection to other powerful energetic parts such as their soul, over- soul/monad and avatar.

Again, these high dimensions can be understood from a limited perspective as relating to the future, the higher the dimension the further forward in time. Of course it is all much more complicated than this but it is a nice way to get an initial grasp on it.

For Starseeds, it is also about being more connected to those parts of self that exist in those dimensions in the future, with the ability to feel and sense what is being experienced then/there whether on this planet, on another planet, or existing as an actual celestial body. All this is a big reason why both Indigos and Starseeds are able to simply know things and see what others may never notice.

There can be many different kinds of Starseeds. Many are described based on where they are from or where they have had the most lives/experiences. It can also be the group that approaches them that they identify with the most such as Pledians, Sirians, Arcturians, Lyrans, etc. Some, like me are wanderers who have lived in many different places.

This awareness can be felt deeply right from the start with an extreme interest in a specific part of the galaxy or simply a deep inner knowing beyond any rational description of why.
Realization can also occur over time by continually being drawn to certain types of materials and information. A person’s traits can also be an indicator since each group seems to have different ways of operating within their reality.

                                                     Starseed and Indigo?

For me, I am Starseed, but was told I came in through a 6D gateway. I embrace this as it does explain a lot of things in my life and how I could also be an Indigo. I do not try to be dogmatic about it as being an absolute truth as I do not have much direct remembrance of this or have as yet to be shown this in a vision but I do resonate with it.

So it seems as though I have the whole thing going on. It may sound cool or a way to make myself feel important but it is actually very overwhelming at times.

Everyone has powerful consciousness abilities and connection potential; it is just more pronounced in Indigos and Starseeds right from the beginning. This can seem like a burden without context or if it is not embraced.

Indigos and Starseeds are here to be of service. They may try to use their own will to indulge their ego, play the game and get the material things most humans can potentially manifest but they are ultimately here to be of service and will not be able to ignore this effectively for any extended period of time. At least this has been my experience.

I am definitely a Starseed and seem to hold a lot of Indigo contracts. It is really the best way to explain my life and my experiences. An Indigo Starseed is the best label to describe how I have felt most of my life and the abilities I have which I was so reluctant to embrace. I just know and feel things. I know and feel what it is like to live in harmony with others on a planetary scale that I am unable to fully express with words. It is a harmony that doesn’t feel like it has happened here for a very long time. Even taking into account that advanced civilizations have come and gone on this planet much longer than what we have been led to believe. I feel we are slowly approaching that harmony here again.

                                                       Krystal Beings

I should definitely mention another form of consciousness found in humanity, the Krystal beings. Krystal beings are extremely evolved consciousness, many claim to be this but it is something embodied not merely believed. When you meet one you will definitely know it.

Krystal beings are not perfect and may have superficial flaws in behavior one might judge, but they are very present, self-confident, and focused. They are empathetic and fearless with their hearts. They know who they are and often have a passion that they pursue with a calm unwavering flow like a deep river. They co-create with ease and grace, touching the hearts of all they meet.

They are the ones who are helping build the new systems and have ushered the new paradigm we are now in. They are the Indigos, the Starseeds, and the 3D humans, (and any other label someone could make up to describe individualization) that have healed, forgiven, and released themselves from the trauma they have experienced and what was held in their family of origin’s DNA. They have learned to rise above the mind control and negative energetic influences that permeate this planet.

Now fully awakened, they have done the work necessary to not only connect to their higher self and the Universal God Source but also fill their physical containers with it. The Christ consciousness embodied on earth. They have always been here but now they are many. The second coming happens within.

May you know Freedom and Connection,

Anyone who is struggling with dyslexia type symptoms or just difficulty staying focused please check out the excellent book The Gift of Dyslexia by Ronald D Davis. It will blow your mind and give you some very useful tools to increase your abilities.

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