Long ago, just at the tail end of my Saturn return I found myself in Arizona working on letting go of bad habits and an obsession with alcohol to cope with a nervousness about life. I did the AA thing and read the big book but it wasn’t there. I had to go deeper. I dove into the metaphysical world trying to find what I had always know deep in my heart was real, that there is magic and mystery in the world. It was hard to find the right books and information at first but the more I persisted the less dead ends I hit. The more I opened to expanding my consciousness by meditating and letting go of the lies I was told by society the more I found the answers.

I sought out many different psychics getting readings about past lives wanting to know who I used to be. Always seeking and striving to find myself, I had not received the answers from within yet so I looked outside with those I knew could tune into the universal field of energy that connects us all beyond time and space. My skeptical scientific mind I inherited from my mother could not ignore the consistent messages I received from these various sources, some better than others. With very little information from myself they knew things I had not told anyone and spoke words of wisdom that still echo in my head today. Tonight, those words are “You don’t breathe. You don’t take in the God breath” I smile as I reflect on this having just finished a few rounds of the Wim Hof breathing technique.

It was not the words or the technique that brought the good feeling smile but an inner knowing that with each breath I can come back to the God within. That beautiful feeling in the now moment and the connection to all things. I did not feel it earlier because I got caught up with what I saw around me today losing my connection to this beautiful feeling of home. I listened to the negative thoughts that float around being offered to us all when we feel down.

The beautiful feeling inside is the only thing that matters to change the world. Find the feeling and thinking clears, depression falls away, the world looks different with opportunities not previously seen, the little things are noticed that made a difference in your day more that the ego’s longing to be on stage showing off for everyone. Better thoughts and memories arrive…the words from my teacher, “Be ordinary” and from the psychic long ago, “Just breathe”.

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