Love and Laughter

dolphinswimIt has been a long while since I have posted anything in this blog. There is so much to share. For the first time I find myself creating and manifesting things that I truly desire. These are things that bring me great joy and pleasure. They increase my bliss but at the same time terrify me. This terror, I am realizing, is more simply being excited and open in ways I have never been.

More background is in order to really tell this story. Not to get too much into the past but I realize that so much of what I tried to create before was contingent on specifics and what would fit into my comfort zone which honestly wasn’t a whole lot. I see now how things I want to experience bring up fear just before they happen and I almost bail on them. No wonder many never even showed up. It wasn’t until I kept doing other things that scared me that they could even appear.

I see the fear as a big part of why things didn’t come my way. The fear is so much less for me now for I truly believe that we are now living on a planet that will support those who step out and stand in their power. What used to make us open targets for simply living our truth and being/doing what we came here to do upset others. Those others can be people or often more specifically an energy that works through them.

A few months back I made a stretch or goal to sit down and spend at least an hour meditating/focusing/fixating on what it is I want to experience in this life. What I want to achieve and do. I made a list of these things surprisingly easily and some steps of how to get there. Reflecting I found that these steps didn’t always get me there but feel they were important to take. The Universe saw my effort and desire. I found I have already arrived halfway down my list.

I put on my first workshop on personal energy. Something I always wanted to do but scared me. I wanted to find a girlfriend something I have spent a lifetime doing only to reject just about everyone that came my way. I opened up and embraced the gift that was in front of in the form of a truly amazing woman that is a great healer, leader, and takes people to swim with dolphins.  I am writing this at the airport awaiting a flight to London where I will meetup with this magical woman who came into my life just a short time ago. She has helped blast me into so much happiness that I am almost in tears at this writing. We are going to travel around Europe and spend time in some very special places I have always wanted to visit. This woman has shown up in my life in the most unexpected way and has opened my heart and filled it with Love and Laughter. This is the medicine that I experienced when she invited me to swim with wild dolphins recently.

There is so much more to write and more will come during this trip. Until then I want to share the most amazing and utterly unbelievable thing that happened on the last dolphin swim we did.

I swim out away from the boat looking down. The light bounces back at me from deep below in rays originating from a center that can’t be seen. Just then I look and see six or seven dolphins about 40 feet below slowly swimming straight up at me in an upward spiral motion with two dolphins dancing/mating in the center. The rays of light are coming from that place and shining right at me. It was like some ridiculous painting that one might expect to see in a new age shop that was just too intense and filled with so much joy, love and laughter that it couldn’t possibly be real. Seeing something like that I would judge that the artist is surely so touched that they are bordering on insanity. But in that moment that was what I felt. I was so blasted and stricken by this scene that I froze in a coma of bliss and realization of what I had missed. What I rejected, what I felt sure was madness in others. To live in so much magic and mystery and to see and feel it right in front of me. This was not in some other plane of existence, some subtle energy experience. That I was used to, this was right there embodied. It was a dance, a connection, a circle of divinity that was simply the nature of reality for such an advanced species that never forgot who they are. It reminded me of home and of what I want in my life.

I create my circle and I embrace that Love and Laughter.

May you live in Love and Laughter,


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