The Fighter Pilot

When I was 12 or 14 I was convinced I wanted to be a fighter pilot. It was all I talked about. Being an air force fighter pilot seemed like the coolest job imaginable. Even to this day I would love to have followed this course which I came to find not long ago that I actually did.

Becoming a pilot was all laid out for me. My father had been in the air force for a short time and would share his many stories of all he had seen and heard there, like how the fighter pilots would take those brave enough up for “joy rides” and twist and turn their insides so hard that they would beg them to land and proceed to throw up everywhere. Well, that totally convinced me. I loved the idea of pushing the limits and seeing if my mind could override any effects on my body. I had the intelligence and the grades in school to do it. I planned on getting my pilots license when I turned 16 to help my chances of getting into the air force academy when I graduated high school. I had all the information and applications ready. My parents were very supportive and encouraging but there was one thing that held me back. There was something about me that even to this day sabotages my endeavors, an insecurity that is really silly but none the less it is a strong enough phobia that I decided not to become a pilot. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be in this lifetime; perhaps this phobia was a way to keep me out of the military since I had been in there in so many other lifetimes. Perhaps this life needed to be different for some reason.

What I wasn’t expecting is when many years later I would go to a galactic shaman for a healing session who would share that he saw me as a fighter pilot. He knew very little about me and I had long ago quit talking about these things as I held some resentment about giving up on such a strong dream and passion. But this man saw me as a pilot feeling it as I walked through the door upon first meeting him. During the session he would see that part of me in another timeline flying a fighter jet in which I was being shot down and about to die. Right before this was to happen a negative energetic being was about to snatch my energy body, not my physical body but essentially my soul. The shaman was able to stop that or I guess I should say we were able to as it was a coming together of my many energetic parts of self, other helpful beings, and the shaman who all collectively made this soul retrieval possible. So I still died in that lifetime but my soul or part of my energetic self existing on that separate timeline was saved from enslavement by a negative alien being. This would essentially be a recollection or consolidating of my energy that would have most likely been used to power or feed some harmful negative agenda.

This all may be a bit hard to follow as it is not easy to explain but the point being I had confirmation that in an alternate reality I did actually become a pilot and that this lifetime, which I often felt regret over, actually facilitated the saving of that part of self which would have most likely been trapped by this being because of some kind of fake contract or lack of spiritual awareness in that station of identity. This gave me great comfort and made me feel that perhaps this current station of identity is much more important than I thought it was. That great work is being done by simply navigating this world with a higher awareness and going where I am guided, being of service to myself and others, doing things that may seem very unimportant but with conscious awareness and intention is affecting great change, not only on this timeline or dimension but on many others.

I still would have loved to have been a fighter pilot in this lifetime. I constantly crave adrenaline and excitement but I know I would have been an extremely different person. I would not have had all the amazing experiences and interactions I had over the years. I highly doubt I would have studied all the metaphysics info and been so open to these very fringe beliefs. All the pain and confusion on this path has led me here and over the years I have experienced enough confirmations to trust these things.

I no longer regret giving up on my dream knowing that it existed and happened anyway.

May you always know how powerful you truly are,


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