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A couple of years ago I experienced something that really scared the hell out of me and left me feeling very confused. Luckily, I had friends to call that were familiar with this type of thing and were able to calm me down and explain what I had seen.

I was still living in Phoenix, Arizona at the time and was working on getting out and meeting new people. I decided to check out this full moon meditation that I was invited to earlier that week. Normally I didn’t go to these kinds of things because some of the people I meet at them are a little too far out there (not very grounded) even for me.

It was very synchronistic how I met the woman at the community college that invited me to this event. We just started talking about a creative writing class she was starting and wound up on the topic of spirituality and metaphysics. I had deviated from my normal route to class that day for some reason and took this encounter and invitation to this event as guidance wanting me to be there for some reason. Well, reflecting on that I would definitely agree that there was something there for me to experience. It was not anything I expected or hoped for but it did leave a lasting impression and further changed how I viewed the world.

So I go to this event during a full moon at a local metaphysical book store. I was used to this environment and felt comfortable there even though as usual I was the only male out of around 10 people. But I am used to this and it really doesn’t bother me too much, unless others keep drawing attention to it which gets annoying. But anyway, I meet the woman who invited me and she introduces me to the person leading the meditation. She is very nice and pleasant of course but something feels off to me. I sometimes get nervous around new people so I just attribute it to that and let it go. We all gather around sitting in a circle with the lights dimmed. The woman leading the group begins to talk about various things. The information is very familiar to me as I had read and studied a great many books by this time but again there is this feeling of something being off. She keeps talking about relying on the instinctual body for guidance and saying other things that were red flags to me as being a way to misguide others. She was placing a very strong emphasis on astrology which of course is a factor in the equation of life here but not something that absolutely defines ones path and if it does few could understand that complexity to accurately translate it. I feel there is free will choice in how we work with these energies and influences. So basically what I noticed is she seems to be intentionally misleading these people giving them 90% truth and 10% distorted information or lack of information in order to create some kind of dependence on her. All the people in the group just keep nodding and saying “Yes, Yes” to everything she says except one woman who is constantly coughing. This coughing annoys the woman speaking and I can feel this anger in her. She doesn’t check on this woman or ask someone to get her water or anything. I find this odd but perhaps this person often does this or something. I am not sure, but I can’t keep my mouth shut about what she is saying any longer and politely start asking her questions in order to present alternative to what she is saying, she answers them but I can tell she is getting even more irritated by this. There was a lot of ego there, an attitude of; no, no this is how it is, you are young. So I start to get a little irritated with this woman’s lack of awareness in what she was preaching and start asking tougher questions. I do not recall what they were now but it really starts making her angry although on the surface everything seems calm and relaxed about her. I remember thinking this woman seems sedated or something. I can feel all this anger in her but she is very light and airy in her demeanor. That is when I see it; there is a weird energy around her. It is a very dimly lit room but I can clearly make out her face until all of a sudden it starts getting blurry and distorted. I am just looking at this thinking, “wow this is interesting” and then I see a face of a reptilian over the top of hers. It was semi-etheric and not fixed but almost like a hologram superimposed over her. I had been learning about these beings but I really didn’t believe the information all that much. I figured the whole reptilian thing was more about people who embraced that part of the brain and way of thinking. I saw the pattern of that out in the world but never saw any reptilian beings or anything like that. Just shadow beings and ghosts and what I would call more planetary oriented phenomena like that. When I saw this I freaked out. I thought this woman was actually one of these reptilians and I got scared. I was thinking; “oh shit I got to get out of here, she isn’t even human.” I get this massive fear energy running through me, my legs feel like led and my stomach is killing me. I feel my energy being drained out of my body. No wonder this woman across from me is coughing and having difficulty breathing, she is getting fed off of. This reptilian woman starts talking about us getting ready for this meditation, some kind of deep lake meditation and I am thinking “Hell to the no, I am getting out of here!” I try to think of the best way to do this without pissing off a being that I have heard can be very ruthless. So I get up and say I was not feeling well and I must leave. I thanked her as she said, “I noticed that” and touched my arm. I am totally freaking out but maintain my composure despite feeling sucked dry of my energy.

I get out of there shaking and call my friend who shares with me that the woman was simply possessed by a reptilian not really one of them, that they are usually semi-etheric and can attach to people lacking ego discernment. So this calms me down but then I feel bad for these poor people in there basically worshiping this woman who, herself, is in pain and being manipulated by something that she isn’t even aware of. Or if she is aware of it she most likely called it into her energy field thinking it was there to help her.

So with this experience I learned more about the nature of the reality on this planet, that there are beings here that manipulate and control people in order to feed off of them and perpetuate very dark agendas. These beings can seem helpful and of the light but are actually misleading people. This is extremely important for me to know and why I was led to this experience as it explains why the world is the way it is, why it is so hard to break free from the patterns of abuse and why there is so much distortion between people. Possession is real.

I have since learned to not fear this (fear is what feeds it) and found that it is easy to communicate with even the most possessed person by not challenging their ego as that seems to be where that stuff gets control of them. In fact establishing a connection to the heart brings them out of it. Even if it is talking about a business deal or something else that seems very materialistic. If it is something they love, it takes them out of their negative ego manipulation. This stuff only has the power it is given through fear, being unconscious to what one is participating with, or with the thoughts and impulses that are indulged.

May you always connect with the hearts of others,


2 thoughts on “Energetic Overlay

  1. I’ve been reading up peoples comments for some time, it seems others are getting spiritual helps but would you believe that I have been trying to reach up to someone who can lead and guide me spiritually but all efforts proved futile? No nearby helper and it’s sad!


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