The Exposed Nerve

I had mentioned in my about me section on this blog that I felt like an exposed nerve in the world. Now might be a good time to elaborate a bit on that as I feel this is a very common Starseed and Indigo trait. I am also aware that this is something that many of us might prefer to just turn off sometimes.

I have also noticed this pattern in people who have experienced severe trauma which will often show as hyper vigilance and sensitivity. I do feel there is a difference from the two in the form of gaining a level of controlling and monitoring ones thoughts, as much of what is experienced needs to be consciously filtered but that is not saying everything experienced needs to be dismissed as not real. That would be the easy way out. One could argue that everyone has been traumatized here on this planet which could trigger this ability but I see the openness and feeling abilities very strong in many if not all children, especially when very young before they have developed higher cognitive functions which based on the belief systems they are exposed to can limit their ability to recognize and understand what they are feeling around them. They are often taught to ignore things as most adults do. In my case it is a little of both trauma and what I feel is a strong genetic pattern for experiencing the energies in my environment. I am very aware that sometimes it is just the thoughts I am experiencing that are causing me to feel a certain way or that I am focusing too much on one specific aspect of an environment, say the one angry person in a room full of smiling people. I have learned to mitigate this more and more over the years. Mindfulness meditation really helped develop this self-awareness of what might simply be my own creation of a reality or specific focus on one aspect of reality. Still there are many times that I am out in the world, for instance sitting in a classroom where I cannot help but feel the mood and energy in there. I would play with this ability when I was working for a chauffeured transportation company sitting in different parking lots with my eyes closed just sensing what was around me independent of visual cues.

These feelings in the environment can often overwhelm me especially if I am tired or my visualizing of shielding energy is not very strong. I can get caught up in what I am feeling, thinking it is mine. This is a real pain in the ass because it is often hard to discern this. What is my energy and what is someone else’s near me or that was there before me. The truth is it wouldn’t matter if I believe it is all mine. True, I need to be self-aware of my deeper emotions but I also realize that to blindly accept any felt mood only feeds the negative energy on this planet. I have found this to be true for positive energy as well. There are well meaning people out there with beautiful hearts but that can be extremely vampiric. They are so hungry for positive light energy that they suck it up like ravenous junkies leaving the environment depleted. They have not learned to self-source their connection to God/Universe.  Otherwise they could experience the energy and create a larger yield rather than just sucking it all up.

Another thing I have experienced with this whole exposed nerve condition is a need to clear my energy field often. At the end of the day I notice that where I had been and the people I met seem to leave an energetic imprint on me. So when I meditate I will often see their faces and feel certain things I didn’t notice earlier. I do not dig into this too much as that would be rude to that person, I simply let go and breath it out, working to suspend all judgment, clearing all the thoughts in my head and removing any implants or energy blockages in my body. As I am doing this form of mediation, relaxing my whole body and mind I will all of a sudden become aware of something in my neck, around my third eye or some other area of my body, so I simply pull it out with focused intention, really feeling the energy flowing in my hands (I have been told this is working with Orion Healing Codes). This is one of many reasons I feel that meditation is so important for people especially Starseeds and Indigos, so we are aware of what is in our field of energy. I know this whole implant thing can sound pretty crazy but the truth is if it helps is it really crazy? It is just another tool. I would hate to have to prove this to anyone but that matters not for I have received all the proof I need. I have had sessions with others who helped me achieve this ability, or perhaps helped me remember I had it, and who gave me the confirmation I needed.

So during my clearing meditations I am able to use this exposed nerve trait to my advantage. During this process I would eventually reach a state where my energy is balanced and my mind becomes calm. Those times would allow me to objectively feel the energy of an environment I was in or an intended location somewhere else. I could then tap into it and in a neutral space feel that other energy, creatively clear it and/or put out a specific energy to balance it. This is how I do grid work when called upon to do so. There are many others out there doing the same thing, consciously working with their energy to assist the planet and the Beings on it. I believe everyone has this ability as energetic god creator beings. These clearings are never to be forced on anyone but could best be described as cleaning a kitchen that someone has neglected for a long long time because they didn’t notice all the stuff that was collecting in that area. The analogy I was given a long time ago was that energy is like cutting an onion on a cutting board. You can remove the onion but everything that is placed on that cutting board will taste of the onion.

May you always know the strength in what was once considered a weakness,


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