Planetary Peace Within

Early this month I had an energetic healing session in which a very interesting and lingering experience occurred. The session went very well and a great many things were addressed some I was aware of and some not so much, which is why I find getting this kind of assistance so valuable. What really stood out for me happened at the end and was not something either I or the practitioner had intended to transpire. I had two soul integrations and immediately after that I felt this incredible energy just below my solar plexus around my still point or even the dan tien area. It was hard to pin point an exact location. It was a feeling of a whole planet full of loving and kind Beings where communication and deep respect for one another was present, a feeling of real unity embodied somewhere. I felt this within me like I was carrying that or connected to it in some very powerful way more than just a cord or an intention for it to be there. It was there. I got that I could simply remember this energy and feel it in times of need or all the time. It was very comforting. It feels like something very specific, more than just connecting to my higher self or to Source.

I guess a little back story is in order. I have been experiencing issues with my digestive system for almost a year now. I am getting towards the tail end of it now but it was pretty rough going. I can now see the multiple purposes for it. I learned a great deal more than I ever wanted to know about diet and nutrition, how to combine foods, and how to muscle test myself more effectively. During this delicate period of not really being able to eat much of anything I started to go into a lot of fear with the whole situation. I was experiencing a great deal of weight loss and had symptoms of nutritional deficiencies from poor absorption, along with extreme difficulty thinking clearly and fatigue. All this led me to deviate from the naturopathic and Chinese medicine route I was taking and into the western medicine system looking for answers fearing something horrible was wrong with me. I eventually realized, with lots of help, what I already knew; that that system only knows how to treat disease. I experienced firsthand how an illness can overcome someone and make them turn their power over to a system that, though the people mean well, is driven by fear and treating people with chemicals and machines. They couldn’t find anything wrong because it had not manifested into a full disease pattern but it was on its way to that if I didn’t remember who I truly was and let go of the general fears and worry I was carrying. I had been getting lost between two worlds for a while which I feel was the cause of a lot of my physical discomfort. I felt trapped and angry about the current situation I am in even though it isn’t that bad. In fact in many ways it is a blessing as long as I can let go of my ego’s need to be in control. I noticed my condition got worse whenever I had negative thoughts or placed judgment on myself or another. I had not realized how much I had been doing that. It is an old pattern of mine, something I thought I overcame years ago but the true test is when one is unhappy and uncomfortable. I was spending too much time in my head analyzing everything. So I had no choice but to really work on refining the love and acceptance I have for myself and others (still working on that). Also a need to surrender more to a living situation that is not ideal but is actually very supportive, to come to terms with the current path I am on, going through a system of education that often bothers me because there is not a lot of heart in the info and I feel it could be drastically restructured to increase learning and excitement. Although, I am beginning to understand why this academic system exists the way it does and to see the value of it. To understand the big picture of how breaking something down into pieces and parts in order to understand it, even if that may be impossible, can eventually provide confirmation. that though focusing on an elephant with a microscope might blind or lead people down the wrong road for a while, eventually more info comes out and the connections are seen. A great example of this is found in the study of epigenetics. Scientists and academics now are starting to see that what the mystics and the sages have been saying for thousands of years is true, experience alters gene expression and even conscious intention (mindfulness meditation) does this. There is no such thing as “junk DNA”, it is all relevant. Also, thank God for the whole field of quantum physics for also bringing some much needed balance in attempting to understand the reality of the world we live in.

So now as I move forward during this phase of my life I work to maintain my heart connection to Source so that I do not get lost in all the mind stuff I experience while taking classes. This blog is a big part of finding that balance, to be able to express myself without a filter or the need to back everything up with empirical evidence.

I remember that the area that has been causing me so much trouble is a source of great comfort when I show it love and appreciation, understanding that this is a sensitive area full of Beings that are not used to verbal or physical abuse in the form of harmful substances whether solid or energetic. I work to create love and respect so as not to harm them or myself.

May you always feel true Unity within,


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