The Unlikely Teacher

I have been blessed with a great many amazing teachers over the years. Some it was obvious this was the situation, others it wasn’t until years later when I realized how profound their wisdom was.

There is one particular person I have been thinking about lately and using a technique he shared with me many years ago. This person was someone I worked with and who became a lifelong friend. When we were in our early twenties we would often “go out drinking” heading to parties, out to clubs and bars, and even in the early years before I was 21 out cruising. He always had an ability to energize situations and motivate people. He was very much the life of the party and knew a lot of people; even though he wasn’t always well received he stayed up. When going to a party or something, we had this ritual of the “pump up jam” it was not always the same song but it was always a perfect fit to really set the mood and get the energy going. Some of the most fun and interesting experiences of my life were hanging out with this guy. People would probably frown on some of our behaviors and actions but how is that different from most other judgments. I was young and very upset with life, often depressed or in a self-imposed isolation. These years going out drinking was really what brought me out of my shell and helped me be in the world. I feared interacting with people but yet I was so drawn to do it. The alcohol calmed my nervous system and relaxed my mind enough so as not over think and analyze everything (I didn’t know it then but I also felt the energy of people and environments which was part of what caused me to avoid these things). Alcohol was the only tool I had back then. But anyway, I am getting off track. So this person had an ability to increase happiness in others and in himself. I remember him telling me that it is about remembering something good when you feel down. This isn’t really all that profound except that he could actually do it. He knew I got depressed and shared this with me but I didn’t realize how powerful it was until I started learning about intention and meditating but even then I rarely used it. More recently I have been finding the need to really fine tune this technique.

In the past couple of years my meditations had become very powerful, able to connect in after about 20 minutes or often even much sooner. But now that I experience a lot of stress from school or other things I allow to build up inside of me and not having as much time for meditation, I was finding it hard to get to this place free from all the thoughts. So for a while very little was working for me to feel that connection, that energy really flowing through my body that I could see and feel. I realized I had to create the connection. It is actually always there but for me to really feel it and flow with it free from interference I have to call it in with the power of my own consciously directed energy. Raising my frequency through my own internal creative force not needing any external thing like music or the guided meditations of another, though those things I still find helpful after having my clear connection established. Maybe this is just another part of my process to overcome depression and anxiety. To be a master of my energy in every moment so as not to fall into depression or anxiety and so that I am absolutely in control of what energy I am emanating out into my environment. It is very hard to connect when the thoughts that have been collecting in my head have created a very low mood. I could clear the thoughts but the mood and energy was still low.

So now I remember the good times and bring that feeling to my now moment awareness especially when meditating. I do not dwell too long or become attached to the memory but instead feel the energy of it and use that to boost my frequency. This really puts me back in my heart after spending a whole day in my head studying for a big biopsychology test and experiencing a racing mind.

May you always experience the wisdom in those you meet,


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